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  • The difference between morning coach and play and workouts?

    A Tennis Workout consists of lots activities to get you hitting as many balls as possible. While the morning coach and play is more technical based, as well as fast running.

  • How long are the morning coach and plays?

    Our morning coach and plays are 90 minutes.

  • What if I don’t know my level?

    If you do not know your standard that does not matter always book in and then we can advise you moving forward.


  • Wanted to try something new active wise. Never would of thought the cardio aspect that tennis supplies. Massively enjoying lessons at VTA

    Hannah b

  • Loved the personable coaching style of our french coach Loic. Who used his vast knowledge  to help me and my friend play our first ever match together.

    Sarah G

  • After moving up from the beginners class I have managed to add more pace onto my ground strokes and am now developing a solid second serve.

    Tom D

Meet The Team

We at the Victorian Tennis Academy boast some of the most upcoming coaches in Victoria, check out our team.


Morning Coach and Play

Jack Glennane

Head Coach 
Morning Coach and Play


Morning Coach
Morning Coach and Play


Morning Coach

Set A Goal

Whether your goal is to rally consistently, or be able to move to being an intermediate player. We urge you to set a goal so that we can help you achieve it.

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Morning Coach and Play